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Thank you for your interest in Citadel Catering - Houston's Most Trusted Caterers.

Citadel Catering specializes in Corporate Catering orders and offers a variety of Breakfast boxes, Individual Lunch Boxes as well as various Dessert and Beverage selections.

Citadel Catering is known for our delicious Hot Entrees from around the world like Mediterranean style with Chicken and Steak Kebobs, Italian with various Pasta options, Southern Food selections like Texas Jambalaya or Chicken Fried Chicken, or our Tex-Mex Menu including Breakfast Quesadillas and Signature Nachos.  Lastly, we also offer real Texas Style BBQ Smoked Meats and traditional Southern Sides like Modelo Scented Charro beans and Classic Potato Salad. 

Please call our dedicated Corporate Catering Managers who will be happy to assist you with your next catering order.

We pride ourselves in delivering all of the above - On Time, Every Time!


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