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Holiday Catering

 A la Carte | Family Style 

To order: Call Area Catering Managers @ 832.640.5236 or email at 

Cater your Holiday Party!

Delicious Holiday Meals - Catered to you!

Tis the time!! Have a wonderful Holiday Party with your colleagues by ordering our delicious holiday meals! Prepared by our award-winning Executive Chef and culinary team, our Holiday Meals are a huge hit with all our clients. With all the traditional meats and fixings, Citadel Catering's Christmas / Holiday menu has so many options to choose from and best of all, it can be packaged as 

A la carte, or Family style based on your catering requirements.

Ways to get your Holiday Meal!

Call Our Catering Managers




Family Style Meals

Looking to host a Christmas / Holiday Party for the entire office? Want to enjoy the party without having to worry about planning it? Let us, at Citadel Catering, take care of your office Holiday / Christmas party.

Our Citadel Family Style Packages include:

  • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast with Gravy, Sliced Brown Sugar Glazed Spiral Ham, Smoked Brisket and Grilled Salmon

  • Delicious Traditional sides including Southern Style Green Beans, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Roaster Fingerling Potatoes, Cajun Corn, and Mac and Cheese

  • Plus, Classic Holiday Pies, Specialty Cookies and Brownies, Cajun Bread Pudding, and a variety of drinks.

To order some of our Family Style Meals Options:

A La Carte Options

Have some of the Holiday Party menu covered but still looking for that Pecan Pie or the Brown Sugar Glazed Spiral Ham or Smoked Brisket to complete the meal? Check out our a la carte options for ordering Turkey, Ham, Brisket, Salmon as well as for all our Delicious Southern Sides, and Holiday Salad. Available in Quarts, Half Pans, or Full Pans.


Our classic desserts are also available a la carte including our famous pies (Pumpkin / Apple / Pecan Pie), Cajun Bread Pudding, or our Specialty Cookies and Brownies tray.


To order some of our a la carte Options:


Have a Very Merry Holiday Season!

To place an order:

call our
Area Catering Managers 


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